Marie Antoinette salon 🎀

Marie Antoinette salon 🎀

Birthday it’s a day when any girl wants to feel like a princess 👑
So what could be better then Salon of Marie Antoinette in newly reopened Hotell de Crillon?

The queen of fun , parties and shopping 🌸

And the custom made menu by the amazingly talented and creative chef Christopher Hache,

It made my evening just magical, and if you want to feel like a queen it’s place to be ❤️


⚜️Charme And élégance of aristocracy ⚜️

⚜️Charme And élégance of aristocracy ⚜️

These times of Franck Sinatra , Grace Kelley, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe?

Where have they gone and who is our idols now?
I don’t know who’s yours, but I still prefer to keep the old ones 🙂
In Plaza Athene you still can enjoy these atmosphere of luxury and aristocratic
All the greatest people have been there , and you can even feel these amazing atmosphere and energy in these unique place 😊
Also there’s based one of the greatest 3 stars Michelin restaurant in Paris by Alain Ducasse , top3 chefs In the world .
Of course great sense of style and elegant dress is requested ! 😉

🍀L’Arpege by alain passard 🍀

🍀L’Arpege by alain passard 🍀

Some time ago I had a lovely experience to have a dinner in l’arpege, its one of the rare restaurants in Paris that specialized on vegetarian food, cooked by great chef Alain Passard.
And it’s true, why do you need to eat a beef tartare when you can have a perfect beet tartare?
Or a lovely raviolis with celery and vegetables?

I have been there and now I started to understand his philosophy .

You can find a lovely fish plates as well , like a traditional sea bass carpaccio or a sweetbread
But of course the most important it’s atmosphere. I think it’s just one of few places in Paris where it can be so friendly and cozy as there ❤️
These evening was very interesting and pleasant for me and I have enjoyed it , PLUS I was totally quiet that I not gonna gain any weigh after that evening, because plates was very light , and there’s not a lot of chances to gain weigh if you was eating mostly vegetable

and the only thing that I can say after these dinner, it’s that these restaurant really deserves the 3 stars Michelin that it has and definitely it’s a place to go if you are in Paris .

have a lovely evening 💋💋

Saturday night in Manko cabaret 🍾🍾🍾

Saturday night in Manko cabaret 🍾🍾🍾

Ok here we are! The weekend is finished , work tomorrow! Maybe 😉

The place you can party till the morning!

exeptional show cabaret and an ocean of champaing! Yes it’s the manko , one and only! Located on the avenue Montaigne the most luxury district in Paris, luxury lovers it’s place for you !😘

So you can have have a dinner these first(that’s how I do) 😄 With the extraordinary dishes of Mexican kitchen, if you like spicy here it is guys 🔥

And continue by the show.. oh these show.. just very exeption(people with not a good nerves better don’t go there) 😉

You can have a devil dancing near you or a pretty gay with the nice lingerie, or a super perverted nun ,oh you you even can’t imagine what’s happening there!

if you accept it, you gonna be very happy there then !

wish you a nice Monday guys, and gonna share with my Sunday experience tomorrow xxx
Photo credit manko cabaret and my personal 😉

Christmas 🎄⚜️

Last Chrismas I gave you my heart …

And I were right! We are still together! Just me.. and him.

The city of lights, the city of love! Paris ! The georgeous and sparkling! Luxury and romantic! And ofcourse.. a capital of fashion!

Dior, Louboutin, YSL, Chanel and more others…

So there’s an éternel question WHAT TO WEAR? You are happy and want to go out for the drink or a dinner , you want to look feminine, sexy , but classy. Then forget a short tight dress, with big decolte and a strong make up.. because it’s vulgare(and old).

How we see from last fashion shows, black leather shorts , pants, skirts are always in trend and you can easy combine it with the silk blouse or something more sportive like my “body”.

and of course long black boots! Because it’s just timeless and looks (so hot!) you can wear it as often as you want and you will never regret to invest in it.


It can be different for everybody, but for these beautiful season I would advise a small hand bags in red, blue or a pink fuchsia. There’s a lot of places where you can find these exceptional pieces, starts from Dior and Gucci and finish by Zara or H&M.

Enjoy your night out guys! xx



Clothes credit: bag Dior, shorts Maje, boots Louboutin, body H&M

place credit: Hotel Costes, Place Vendôme

⚜️Guy Savoy⚜️

Let’s just imagine a perfect evening…

Luxury environment of a historical  Monnaie de Paris of 1776.

A dinner in a 3 stars Michelin restaurant, located on the first floor, with beautiful view to la Seine. Exelent service, lobster cooked by the special receipt with the “natural sause” and a special menu with the white truffles .

So you think it’s perfect? But I have not finished yet.. 😊

For the dessert they propose a home made mille-feille filled with butter cream and a vanille from Madagascar and as a “compliments” a marshmallow made by exceptional way with lemon, nuts, coffe and chocolate. Rize pudding, chocolate mouse and a lemon yougurt.

Yes now we can say that it’s perfect,  but tomorrow  you obviously have to go to gym, and do your training hard as never before . 😄 xx