Smokey eyes for everybody!šŸ‘Æ

Not a new theme but still works šŸ˜‰
The smokey eyes can work great if you have a blue eyes or a green , grey eyes, it will put an accent on it and will make it more expressiv.

For the blue eyes how I understand (because I know a lot of make up artists and see how they work during the shootings) the best it’s a brown and light beige , for the day and for the natural look it will be more useful and looks just great šŸ˜Š

But we still have black color and it looks just magical and mesmirazing for smokey eyes !

It can work with the natural lipstick or with classic red one, depends on the place where you plan to go šŸ˜‰

!! The important thing that you really need to put it carefully and use a good eye shadow/pencil that you don’t looks like a vampire in a couple of hours šŸ˜œ

have a beautiful night girls xxx

Photo from internet


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