Chanel Hydra Beauty

What is the secret of the perfect skin models have?

Its easy! Healthy food, pealing, hydration and happiness 😊

What else can make your skin shine?

Of course happiness ! And also Hydra beauty flash, instantly hydrating perfecting balm. It hydrate, make your skin shine because of microparticles, it do not bloke pores, and let your skin breathe during all the day, it’s a perfect make up foundation.

But let’s speak about morning/evening cleaning ritual, the most important thing for me it’s mincellaire water, known in France since longtime and getting popular now all over the world, it’s a perfect way to clean your skin.

And after that if you have a normal/combinanted skin you can apply a gel cream from hydra beauty Chanel, it absorbes during 5 min and after you have a flawless skin.

But dont forget about your under eyes skin, it’s the way too important and needs special treatment, but Chanel have already thought about it and created light gel which you can apply at the evening before going to sleep .

it really works 😉

Have a good night and keep it natural guys xxx


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