✨ Gift ideas ✨

Festive season is coming, and there’s a question:

What can i offer to my friend or a mother, or to the women that I appreciate?
There’s a lot of ideas.., of course it can be a bag or a beautiful shoes. 👠
Or it can be a pen.

Yes you are not mistaking, A PEN! ⚜️

It shine in the dark, and magically sparking.
It’s a beautiful gift for every elegant women and surely she will appreciate it.
A luxury collection of Swarovski cristalline pens is a good gift idea for every occasion, like a Christmas, NYE or a birthday.

But to the one that is really important for you, the best gift it’s ….JEWELERY… what women’s like the most?
Of course !
Marilyn Monroe was definitely right is some things 😉

So, what is left..?
A parfum…!
there’s exist a big variation of parfums for women’s, but for statistic the popular ones it’s, Miss Dior, le petit robe noir Guerlain, or a Chanel..

I hope you got some new ideas, wish you a beautiful festive season ✨xximg_5874

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