Christmas 🎄⚜️

Last Chrismas I gave you my heart …

And I were right! We are still together! Just me.. and him.

The city of lights, the city of love! Paris ! The georgeous and sparkling! Luxury and romantic! And ofcourse.. a capital of fashion!

Dior, Louboutin, YSL, Chanel and more others…

So there’s an éternel question WHAT TO WEAR? You are happy and want to go out for the drink or a dinner , you want to look feminine, sexy , but classy. Then forget a short tight dress, with big decolte and a strong make up.. because it’s vulgare(and old).

How we see from last fashion shows, black leather shorts , pants, skirts are always in trend and you can easy combine it with the silk blouse or something more sportive like my “body”.

and of course long black boots! Because it’s just timeless and looks (so hot!) you can wear it as often as you want and you will never regret to invest in it.


It can be different for everybody, but for these beautiful season I would advise a small hand bags in red, blue or a pink fuchsia. There’s a lot of places where you can find these exceptional pieces, starts from Dior and Gucci and finish by Zara or H&M.

Enjoy your night out guys! xx



Clothes credit: bag Dior, shorts Maje, boots Louboutin, body H&M

place credit: Hotel Costes, Place Vendôme

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