⚜️Guy Savoy⚜️

Let’s just imagine a perfect evening…

Luxury environment of a historical  Monnaie de Paris of 1776.

A dinner in a 3 stars Michelin restaurant, located on the first floor, with beautiful view to la Seine. Exelent service, lobster cooked by the special receipt with the “natural sause” and a special menu with the white truffles .

So you think it’s perfect? But I have not finished yet.. 😊

For the dessert they propose a home made mille-feille filled with butter cream and a vanille from Madagascar and as a “compliments” a marshmallow made by exceptional way with lemon, nuts, coffe and chocolate. Rize pudding, chocolate mouse and a lemon yougurt.

Yes now we can say that it’s perfect,  but tomorrow  you obviously have to go to gym, and do your training hard as never before . 😄 xx

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